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Listed below are links to each narrator's individual page, where their interview transcript may be accessed.


Currently, only one batch of transcripts is available. However, the archive is updated regularly, and many more interview transcripts will soon be published. Likewise, audio recordings for most interviews will be added in the coming few months.


Under each linked narrator name are keywords to assist in navigating the archive. Each entry lists the places in the Greater Boston Area discussed in the interview, the words chosen by narrators to describe their identities, the narrator's pronouns and age at the time of the interview, and the date the interview was conducted. 

Unless otherwise indicated, place names refer to municipalities in Massachusetts. The city of Boston is excluded from place name keyword entries. 

An asterisk next to a name indicates a pseudonym.

Arie Ceres*

Chelsea, Chestnut Hill, Lynn, Medford, North Andover, North Cambridge, Salem, Winthrop. Latinx, Indigenous, queer, polyamorous, working-class, first-generation college graduate, fat, survivor of childhood sexual assault. She/her/hers or they/them/theirs. Age 29. 8/23/20. 

Hayden Berger

Bridgewater, Orleans. Trans, queer. He/him/his or they/them/theirs. Age 26. 8/27/20.

Hayley Colaizzi

Dorchester; Gloucester; Lincoln, NH; Londonderry, NH; Lynn; Manchester, NH;  Worcester. Non-binary, bisexual, non-monogamous, neurodivergent, kinky. Age 28. They/them/theirs. 8/21/20.

Jynn Cursino

Hyannis, Provincetown, West Yarmouth. Non-binary, transfeminine, gay, polyamorous. They/them/theirs. Age 22. 9/2/20.

Nighthawk Miller*

Ashland, Hopkinton, Shrewsbury. Black woman. She/her/hers. Age 22. 8/20/20.